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Welcome To Arizona Life Roleplay!

ALRP Website -

Applications Are Currently Closed

Who Are We?
We are a community who strives to emulate the real-world work of emergency personnel, and the citizens of the state of Arizona, specifically Maricopa County, and the city of Phoenix. We currently offer LEO careers, Fire/EMS, and Civilian, we are a trainer based community where realistic and fun roleplay, developed characters, realism is our number one goal!

What Do We Offer?
We offer positions for the following departments.

  • Arizona Department Of Public Safety
  • Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
  • Phoenix Police Department
  • Citizens Of Arizona
  • Maricopa County Dispatch

Features we offer are:

  • Whitelisted Servers
  • RocketCAD
  • Hash Marks
  • Accurate Department Vehicles
  • Accurate Department Uniforms
  • Custom Non-ELS Patterns For DPS Vehicles
  • Radar And ALPR System
  • Luxart Vehicle Control
  • AI Traffic Stop Script
  • Informative Training Programs

Our requirements to apply:

  • A copy of GTA V
  • Be willing to use TeamSpeak3 and Discord
  • Be able to speak conversational English
  • Be at least 15 years of age (14 years of age for Dispatch)

Interested In Joining?
To apply, please visit our website below!

ALRP Website -

Arizona Life Roleplay | Open For Applications
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Join us today!


Correct me if I’m wrong, I do not see a link to a website or Discord? :eyes:


Sorry about that, its there now :D.


Website is, discord is members only. Application is in the main post! Sorry for the miscommunications!


bump - Still looking for members. Especially looking for Fire/EMS and Dispatch!


Bump - We have recruiters available now.



Phoenix Fire Department responding to a 911 call of a partially engulfed structure fire. Well done to the PHX Fire!


Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputies performing a CODE 5 stop on grapeseed main st.


Bump - We have recruiters standing by!


Bump - Join now, looking for members.


whats the discord link?


whats ur discord (20 chars)


@Seferti @Alego Our discord is members-only. You will have to join our teamspeak, which should be mentioned in the top post

Please be aware that you will have to join the teamspeak for the application. The one in the main thread is outdated.


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There is no Dispatch?