Are we allowed


Hey i created a YTB channel for FiveM tutos can i have one


What are you asking? I’m not sure I understand…


Pretty sure this is just self advertising - Please post the video tutorial.


If you want to post tutorials, post the videos – not just a link to your youtube channel.

Also, this isn’t a server ad… so it doesn’t belong in server bazaar.


Im asking if I’m allowed to have a ytb channel only for tutorials


Don’t think that’s a question for FiveM Staff…


Then who do I ask ?


Have you searched YT for fivem Tuts? Do you think they asked? Why would you have to? Read TOS. Nothing against it. But I wouldn’t monitze the videos though.


FiveM does not care what youtube channel you make, but if you post videos here, post the videos themselves, not just a blind link to your channel/website/etc.

I’m sure Youtube does not care what kind of channel you make, as long as you follow their guidelines/terms/whatever they call them.


That’s all I really wanted to know thank you


Just make sure it’s accurate.


Yea don’t worry il make good tutorials on a bunch of things