[APPLICATIONS OPEN DOJ Raided RP|Non Whitelisted|Serious RP|Active Admins||discord.gg/99bBQEV +Server Pictures



Welcome to RaidedRP I Am Mr John Dirt The Owner I Have Put Alot Of Time Into This Server And Finally Making A Topic On It I Am Here To Tell You About My server we have alot of custom scripts and a working cad/MDT system where civilians can gain instant access when sign up You Can Join Our Discord Here:Discord.gg/99bBQEV
If You Need To Discuss Something Private With Me About Server Do Not Hesitate To Dm Me Privately On Discord Mr John Dirt#0413

The Departments You Can Join:

  • Highway Patrol Office
  • Sheriffs Office
  • Department Of Transportation
  • Blaine County Fire/EMS
  • State Trooper

TeamSpeak Server
Discord Server

Buildings We Have In Our Server:

  • Custom Fire And EMS Station
  • Custom Prison Cells Building
  • Custom Jail And Booking Building
  • Custom Dealership On route 68
  • Custom dealership Near 24/7

Lightning And Siren features

  • Siren Control
  • ELS


  • Forums Were You Can Apply
  • In Game Tablet With Penal Codes Website And Cad Access

In Game Server Features:
Welcoming Message Box


What a joke :smiley:


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and were the fuck is the ussr flag