Anyone make a custom pack for FiveM?


Hey folks,I’m looking for somebody who can make a custom car pack that will work for FiveM…Would be a (non-els) Thanks.Please PM me if u can do so thanks!


Is it hard ? Press the search button and type carpack :frowning:


They dont have a non els car pack that’s nysp…u r talented.


There are some without els… Search


I said PACK…Do you not understand? And I want a custom pack.Not some that anyone else can get.


Sounds like you need to learn to convert 5 mods to FiveM. I suggest looking up a tutorial. You’ll need Open IV and that’s about it honestly. Other than SOME basic computer know how. (I.e. knowing where your game is located)

Here’s a tutorial I found on youtube for ya. It’s really easy to do and once you do it once or twice you’ll be like “damn, cakewalk” and have a shit ton of cars that you want :slight_smile: