Anyone know where I can get a cad system?




Just wondering where I can get a cad system like this from?


This is not a release. Please post in the correct category.


which category would it go in?


Topic moved, no need to do it.


Alright ok , Thank you


11/10 release bro. I’m implementing this as we speak.


As I can see this is all HTML/CSS PHP en probably JS ( JSON AJAX )
This is just a webpage - which you can make yourself
I think it has a connection to the FiveM server - which sends important data to the server

These things you cant just “Get” - you can try to make it yourself or let someone make it for you


Yes, you can just get it. Search for OpenCAD.


Many, many topics about cads are already on the forums, please use the search function because this has been discussed a lot.