Anyone know of a mirrored site of the model/prop gallery?


Hi there guys,

The codeshock model gallery was priceless but the site seems to have been given up. is very slow to load, missing images and doesn’t allow a search of any kind. Is there another gallery that can be used to look up models?



I have been looking for something like this too. Too bad the site assets were not archived and shared by the creator before it went down. What I ended up doing for my project was to open up up the model viewer in the Map Editor trainer and spending about three hours tabbing through the ~12K props and pressing F12 to get a screenshot with the model name in the menu for the props that looked usable for what I wanted :stuck_out_tongue:
There has to be an easier way or maybe a script out there that can export these asset images and names.



Yeah, the process couldn’t get much more terribad. Sometimes I’m surprised at how little thought is given to helping developers or server operators.

“I want to play a game. You have a hitch warning. You have three guesses which resource is causing it. I won’t tell you if you’re right or not.”



Didn’t someone provided a link here before? What happened to that post? :thinking: the deja vu is strong in this one



They sure did and I think I know why it was removed. He used a URL shortener to get around the forum’s settings to not allow great links from certain domains that they don’t want being posted on the forums.

I would post it but it would just get removed again. That’s the power of sharing.