Any way to remove black money from ESX script?


I just wan’t to know how can I delete this from ESX script.


Yep. Remove everything related to dirty money.


Do I have to delete the lines from every script what uses this system or from es_extended?


I bet I have to change it so people would get money for drug sellings on to normal accouny not on the dirty money account right?


Don’t payout dirty money and don’t make items buyable with dirty money. A simple way to understand this is take a look at the weapshop. The legal ones only accept clean cash, the blackweapshops only take dirty money. You can literally copy and paste the weapshop money code in place of the blackweapshops dirty money code. And in places where dirty money is paid out change the code to clean cash. You can get an example of clean money code from any esx job script that isn’t an illegal job.


Alright mate thanks I will try it out.