Any tips or advice for a new user?



Hello I’ve recently got a PC and would like some advice on anything, Like noob friendly servers, Tips on what not to do(except the obvious like failRP etc.) How to deal with certain situations, Just anything would help, Thank you in advance.


Ok, im not gonna say wtf as you are obviously a new user and you dont know anything, so lets stsrt with some infos about fivem, fivem is a modification framework for gta v. Fivem is strictly not related with roleplay, which is in fact a shitty gamemode that is the modt played on the platform and that throws the other interesting and original servers in the shadow. Also, if you really wann feel the power of this framework, you should join the pinned, green servers at the top of the servers list, those are the only servers worth trying out.


Thank you for replying, Makes more sense the way you put it, I’ll be sure to check them out!






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