Any server looking for Department Heads? Very Exp Looking for New Servers!


Hit me up on Discord I Was being trained as a LEO-Sahp in Department of Justice Other Exp etc.
Hit me Up on discord VisionScreenz#0107
Lots of experience


Bump I also Dev


weren’t you the guy asking for deputy director on my server?


Yes I am, Why? WHAT DO U NEED?


nothing lol (20 char)


Also didnt you post a server? why you trying to be a derpartment head if you have your own?


If you are looking for a good tight-knitted community with a great RolePlaying aspect of the server, you should apply for Oklahoma Role play FiveM Server. Once you apply, it wont take long for our highly trained admins and Department heads to review it and pull you into a interview room to speak with you. We are a very serious roleplay server that would love to grow and expand. Join and apply now. If that link doesn’t work, pm me and ill get you the necessary information :slight_smile: