Any recommended Hosting for FiveM?


I’d like to open a server in FiveM , we are looking for the best Hosting atm , Any recommendations , Must be in USA !



i use nfo i have had nothing but great experience from them.

pay 20$ a month gets the job done


If you don’t want to completely setup yoir server and have 1st quality preconfigured fivem hosting, is the best!


We only have servers in canada, not in USA yet. But a location Dallas is currently being setup (should be already online, but it didn’t work out due some contract issues with the datacenter there.).
We provide preconfigured FiveM servers with a panel in Germany and Canada.
Otherwise you can rent a VPS or dedicated server anywere. We were facing very good performances with OVH some years ago, but I am not sure if they have servers located in USA.


I’d wait until server are available in USA , My server will be mostly for South America and Tropical island , Puerto Rico , Cuba and Dominican Republic , Canada is way far away.

But thanks for responding to my concern.


this might sound dumb but what do you mean preconfigured server?

The thing was , Im doing roleplay in this X server as a RealState CEO , as a matter of fact i was roleplaying as a corrupt Real State CEO , a house for the value of 200k i will sell it for 250k and those 50k where going to my personal Bank Account and the other 200k will go to my company ( as a CEO i have access to that money 200k) ,i was doing dirty money laundry , Mafia will come to me and I will Money Laundry their income , the Mafia thought that i was their worker i just was doing them a favor , so i hired 5 people and gave them 50k to each one and told them to get guns and cars We’re going to take out the Mafia , somehow The Admin knew what i was doing , and he removed from CEO Position and proceed to remove my personal money as well my company money. The Admin in the server is the main head of the Mafia he said i was exploiting my position as a CEO and i was FAIL RP as well POWERGAMING.

, Now i want to Create my own server , i have 2 engineers that are willing to program everything needed to make the server run smooth but i want the best hosting possible money ins’t a problem.


A preconfigured server is also known as a GSP. The only approved one is ZapHosting. Dont use any other as it will be blacklisted and a waste of your time and money. A gsp is a fairly easy to use server setup. With a VPS you have to do it all yourself. I have no experience with zap, so my opinion is neutral. They have made some mistakes, but hey thats how we learn. Everyone has their own opinion on the “best” vps. Look around and come to your own conclusion.


Your server is ready to use, you do not have to download serverfiles, configure the server.cfg, install a database server, connect the database server to the FiveM server. Everything is done trough our control panel automatically.

We are currently break a “fivem support squad” in. They will be ready this week expected. They also help you installing and configuring mods & resources to your ZAP server for free.
Some packs/resources like Dunkos vRP Pack, Essentialmode & MySQL_async can be installed with just a few clicks and without further knowledge trough our control panel.

Yes, there are some people in that forum here complaining about us. Mostly it is our support, what does not help configuring custom resources. In my experience, no GSP does that. Other way round, we are the official GSP for FiveM so maybe we should - thats why we are currently upgrading our support with that “FiveM squad” :slight_smile:


I will wait for the USA Server i hope next week will be up and ready , thanks


Kid you not I ran my FiveM server off of a 12 year old laptop for the first 6 months.

Should be fine on a €1/month vps from Aruba cloud or something a bit better/faster such as $5/month from


Dallas will be online expected this week.


wow, do people outside of italy really know that provider? :joy:


Thank you I will wait.


its pretty popular because of that €1/month :smiley:


Yeah i know, i used it myself too a couple times lmao


Dallas is ready :slight_smile:


If I purchase one of your servers, is there a way to import modded maps, such as the Liberty City map or Vice City map?


yes of course, you have full access via FTP to your server. You can upload your server-data folder from local to your ZAP server. You can use a FTP client like FileZilla or WinSCP, it is very easy (drag & drop).
Furthermore we have some FiveM experts in our support staff providing a very fast respond time. Don’t hesitate to shoot them a message here (after ordered a server), they will help you:


Honestly a dedicated server or a VPS would work great


I Got my server the day after they released a host in US and is so easy with Zaphosting I definitely recommend ZapHosting is super easy , the interface is so user friendly no need to be a pro at programming.
They also have Live Chat feature if you have any problem they will help you right away.