Any good servers out there



I am looking for a FiveM server (Doesnt need to be whitelisted) I want it to be menu based (Lambda Menu, Simple Trainer) Not an economy server also no server sided menu please.
I want it to be somewhat like DOJ not many modders on good admins and good owners i want it to have atleast 20+ people on the server sometime under the day.
if you think you have the perfect server for me be sure to contact me through discord or here
Voice Programs i use: TS3, Discord
Legal Copy off gta? Yes
Any past experience regarding LEO: Yes
Thanks! =)



Another post in the wrong category. Please post in the correct category.


I couldnt find the right one what should i search for? Im so sorry


I’ve moved it for you. Server adverts go into #server-development:server-bazaar. Generally, if you read the description of the categories, you’ll get a feel of what goes where.


Thank you so much i really appreciate it