[Answer] Why is my server not showing up? (Heartbeats)


One reason your server is not showing up is because of the time you are waiting before searching. You need to wait for a maximum of 8 minutes for the second heartbeat to come through on the server. Each heartbeat comes through every 4 minutes. If that doesnt work then please reply here and any problems and asnswers found i will be putting into this post so all ways you can try to fix your server visablity issues will be in one area.

I need help on making my 1st fivem server!

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Are you able to directly connect with IP?


This is not an issue for me, this is just to help people who may be having issues.


I did not know what to put it in. Sorry.


Oh I misinterpreted your post, sorry.


That’s ok. (20chars)


I actually had the same problem but I ended up portforwarding 30110 cause the heart beats sometimes don’t reach out side of people routers