Animation question


*Hello everyone, thank you for your time to read this post.

*I have one “simple” question and its about animations…

*So i wanna add gangsta animations but when i add it it doesnt emote in game like its not working, but others one works perfect…

*I wanna put this animation on server: "amb@code_human_in_car_mp_actions@gang_sign_a@bodhi@rds@base"
I added code_human_in_car_mp_actions and it doesnt work… I wanna put animation for making gang signs with fingers…

*Thank you for any help !

I am using this script: [Release] Emotes Script



My script actually uses Scenarios and not animations, you would need to rewrite my code just a bit for animation library stuff to work. Animations aren’t currently supported.



@BlockBa5her Thank you for fast answer man, appreciate it ! Thats all what i wanted to hear, thanks.