"An error occured while checking server license key." [RESOLVED]


The server was up and we did not alter anything that should cause this error. Yet when the server went down and we tried putting it back up we got "An error occured while checking server license key." I am looking for support as I have no clue why this error is occuring and not sure what to do about it. If I could get some suggestions or solutions on how to fix this that would be great, thank you.

EDIT: I believe this is in the right place but not 100% certain, if not please move it to where it belongs.


iim here already :stuck_out_tongue:


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Why would this need to be done? What if someone has the same issue as you later in the future. There is no need to hide topics, unless they are not following forum rules, etc.


It’s just in my eyes I seen it as useless, I understand where you’re coming from though.