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Welcome to American Pursuit Roleplay.

Yes, you heard that right. We’re back!


Who are we?
American Pursuit RP, or APRP, is a FiveM community ran by Thomas D., JohnMichael V., and Koby W. APRP was started late in 2017, but do to personal reasons it was shut down until now! APRP is once again opening it’s doors far and wide to the FiveM world. All three of the Admins have been involved in the FiveM world for many months and they have been in good communities and bad, and wish to take what they’ve learned and make an even better one. We are non-ELS and NOT looking for TS or in game admins.

Our departments
APRP has gone a more less traditional route, and we offer the following departments:

Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff: Koby W.

The LSCSO is in charge of Sheriff operations for the entirety of San Andreas. This allows our Area of Patrol to change based on where our members feel like patrolling or even do a state-wide patrol. This also follows GTA V lore, as LSCSO officers are commonly seen patrolling in Blaine County as well.

San Andreas State Police
Commissioner: JohnMichael V.

The SASP patrols the highways and freeways of San Andreas, but do have authority to patrol and operate inside of city limits.

San Andreas Emergency Communications
Communications Director: Vacant

The SAEC is the first line of defense and are responsible for answering 911 calls, as well as coordinating with law enforcement agencies and ensuring all units are safe.

San Andreas Fire & EMS
Fire Chief: Dylan N.

The San Andreas Fire & EMS (SAFE) provides all of San Andreas with swift responses to any structure or vehicle fire and all Firefighters are EMT or Paramedic certified and will provide the citizens of San Andreas with the utmost care and professionalism.

Civilian Operations
Civilian Director: Thomas D.

Civilians are the backbone of any FiveM community. Without civilians, we would have nothing to do! At APRP, we do not restrict citizens on what types of RP they can do, but we do place small restrictions on weapons and vehicles you can use depending on your time here.

How do I apply
Brilliant question. Go to our website, and we will contact you!

Have some pictures!


You copied our community please message me like now


Hmmm, no.

A) APRP was first founded in November 2017 by myself but in January 2018, right around the time FiveM started cracking down on other hosting companies and making everyone use Zap Hosting, we disbanded APRP due to personal reasons that you do not need to know about.

B) APRP is nothing like AM’RP, considering our names are different, and I have never heard of you before.

C) Your post lacks a lot of information including what vehicles you use, skins, etc. so if you’re going to try and claim we copied those too, good luck considering literally every server uses the same cars and you’re bound to run into someone who uses the same skins as you, especially when those skins are easily available on lcpdfr or other GTA V mod sites.

D) If you have any other concerns, please message me and get your facts straight.

Thomas D.


Interested in applying? Head to to apply!
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Interested in applying? Head to to apply!
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I applied


Interested in applying? Head to to apply!
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Interested in applying? Head to to apply!
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Interested in applying? Head to to apply!
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Interested in applying? Head to to apply!
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