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Hello! American Life Roleplay is currently looking for members to add to our GTA 5 RP server. We are a serious roleplay server that aims toward realism. With each decision that is made, we think of the community as a whole while, keeping each individual player in mind. We work hard to provide a great experience overall with memorable roleplaying moments. Professional staff are on stand-by to deal with any potential problems.

We provide a wide range of unique features for players.

What do we have to offer?

  • Hidden Illegal Zones
  • 8 non-whitelisted jobs and counting
  • State Hosted Events (Often)
  • Business Operations and Ownerships
  • Active Serious Police Force
  • Long List of Vehicles Including Real Life Modeled Cars
  • Functional Economy with Investing System
  • Store Robberies
  • Hunger and Thirst needs
  • Whitelisted Cops, Medics, Mechanic, Banker, and Real-estate jobs
  • Vehicle Dealership and LS Customs Functionality
  • Character Customizations
  • Functioning Phone to Call for Services
  • …and Much More

Come join! We know that you’ll enjoy your time on American Life Roleplay Servers.

Server Information:
Server Direct Connect IP:


we are also looking for Highway Patrol officer medic mangers bankers bosses .

all our jobs are player runned and all have a boss and job grades.

we got many ems police and fire roles to fill we also have a swat team to fill


we are adding and building in so much more we wanting to make a rea life rp server base around america that why the name is. we have added over 50+ addons cars we have got more and more jobs we have all our jobs working like a company so you got bosses mangers and so on we have also added a dirty money cleaner for all the drug money.


here some pic on the server


lots of updates active staff and ems and police now with alot of new things added in emotes more cars more fun and more rp


alot of updates are gone in police all setup to units nad area to patrol we also have a police database and we have a working employment setting on all of our jobs so the boss of each job can add you and fire you at will.


post updated and fixed to be more better for players.


This server is a bunch of fun. When you spawn in a menu pops up to begin creating your character. You’ll have to use the free bike spawner to get around the city or call for a taxi. Enough money is given to go to the car dealership to buy a vehicle. The job center will give you different jobs.

They have unique features that I haven’t seen on most servers. I haven’t seen many servers with investment accounts and a real estate business to rent/buy apartments. It is obvious they are trying to aim for a more realistic roleplaying experience. When I join the server, I notice added features and tweaks to functionality. This server has a lot of potential.


alot more updates are in we got a fire script with a full working fire unit we got a lot more update in and we are growing everyday full of role play come check it out.


we are 26 to 32 active server now come try at the fun and enjoy rp with a full ems and fire unit and police and sheriff


active staff alot of updates and changes allways being made


just added hunting grounds and a car trailer for our towing to tow cars on


Just added a working strib club control by players as a job they can make food and drink for people to buy why they enjoy the player control stripper for the night. we also added a working mafia and we have added a lot more new jobs farming , wine making, beer making and trucking


currently looking for active police officers and sheriffs to help build our Law Enforcement section great benefits within the server and friendly server and community, we are a Serious RP and we are looking for people who will take the role Serious you can apply on our website at under the area setup


How do you guys edit the cost of cars in the car dealership and how do you add addon cars to the shop, you guys seem like you have a pretty good server going and didn’t know who to ask.