Always 5 Stars | Custom Gamemode | A5S [Beta]



Hello all. Today I bring to you the Always Five Stars FiveM Server. This server has a custom game-mode which it’s details will be explained below. You essentially spawn into the server and pick a weapon class. Then from there you have 30 seconds before getting 5 stars in-game and have the police chase you. Can you get away? Nope.

Server Discord:
Server IP: or Click here

Server Features

  • Custom game-mode
  • Weapon Classes (May be from COD :smiley:)
  • Non-RP
  • Better then RP
  • Cheat codes*
  • No police blips
  • AI police with difficulty set to x10 then normal
  • Weapon recoils

*Cheat Codes: there’s a set group of cheat codes which can be entered via F8. These cheat-codes are not documented anywhere but once found can give you benefits and perks within the game.


Using NativeUI


Owner: @FAXES (PM here)
Co-Owner: N/A
Moderators: RelaxX

Thanks for reading this server ad. See you around! If you have any questions pop them below.


looks good fax




i am always happy to help you if you need i have nothing better to do


Hell yeah. 5 star life, it’s pretty much gta:o but always having 5 stars, good for something different.


Done with Beta!

Always Five Stars is now out of beta! There may still be a few bugs which if you find please report to the discord or here!

Let us know. We also added a few things too the server!


i first thought this was a roleplay server so i was like “wut?”


haha. Welp its not :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have suggestions feel free to pop them in the Discord or here


Hey bois.

We got about 10 in the server right now. Sick of RP? Come join!