Altered COPS Menu



Hello! I’ve done some work to the cops menu by Kyominii. Its not perfect but it, works great for our server, keep in mind i’m new to all this so if you have input please let me know!


Changes include:

Scene Items menu with Cones, Indestructible barriers, destructible police barriers and spike strips that actually fall where you lay them, as well as options to remove them

there are also some name changes, typical departments LSPD , LSSD and SAHP clock ins with a basic loadout.
I’ve disabled the garage because we us the lambda menu, however the circles still appear for it.
This isn’t something ill be putting any updates in to, but feel free to build off of my work just be sure to give credit to Kyominii, as they are the original author
Original Release : [Release] Cops FiveM V1.4.1 (12/06/2017)

Download :

[Release] Cops FiveM V1.4.4.1 (04/14/2018)
Cop Cloak Room
[Request] Police Cone Script
Cop Cloak Room

Very good. :stuck_out_tongue:


Does it still require MySQL?


I cannot press F5, at least, the menu doesnt open. Any reason why?


Did you remove the garage? If so put it back it breaks the script


I didnt removed anything, just downloaded all the parts and putted in one map in the server


Does the Police Cloackroom menu stay open?


Nope, it sais press F5 to open the menu, but when i press F5 is doenst open…


Do you guys know if this requires any database?


Yes it requires a mySQL database


Also, this happened to me after I tried to open the garage menu but thats the only time atleast I am pretty sure thats the reason. But I dont really know what the issue is for you.


Unless this is an old version of the script then it might support CouchDB according to the .lua files


There is a config_db.lua inside the config folder


it only breaks it if you use it, we don’t use it so its disabled


we use couchdb for it


make a video how to install ok?


You just move the Police folder to your Resources folder and add it to your server.cfg


i taught you said couchdb xd


Removed the garage completely


Video of features