AltaRp Almost Live!



Alta-RP ( Microphone Required )

  • Trainer Based RP
  • Constant new additions due to the efficient developers.
  • Constant monitoring of RP by various kind and friendly staff members.
  • Daily planned RP situations.

Alta-RP is about to go live with a lot of awesome features and daily planned situations by a team of situation creators ( Optional ). We currently need to recruit for the Police Dept. (SAPD), the Medic Dept. (SAMD), Situations Creators, Staff team and Developers so basically every position is open at this point we are really trying to build a great community here and I believe we can make it happen every person counts as of now we have very little funds to work with so we are currently using a dedicated host. However, at this point in time we are using Wix for our website to save money, however the site is well made minus a forums due to the fact that Wix is not a forum site on the site tho you can apply for all available positions and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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