I have this basic script. It provides superadmin’s the ability to talk to each other through in game chat without showing to all other users. This can be modified for more groups to be shown, or you can add different commands, different permissions etc.

It is a first draft, if you would like to see more functions or requests please comment below.

Please be kind, its my first release and its basic. Thank you

Group Chat

Chat for admin
Group chat

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Thanks man, i didnt know how to post it in releases


Awesome stuff! Thanks.


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how do i move something to development:releases


You can only move your own topics to another category. (Unless you’re trust level 3 (regular) or above).

To move your own topic click on the :pencil2: next to the topic title and select a new category form the dropdown below the title box.


i don’t understand can you help me


You have to become a regular (or higher) on the forums to be able to move topics.

As of right now, you’re only able to move your own topics. Regular tags are given automatically after spending a certain amount of time on the forums.

If you want to move your own topic, just do as @Vespura said and:

If you have anymore question, please ask on Discord. It’s not polite to hijack forum posts.


I discovered a bug in your code, it doubles, triples… as messages every time a new staff is added to the table …
To improve this error I propose:


It works perfectly on my server. We have staff constantly joining etc.


can you post some screenshot please ?


Is there any possibility for making this a standalone script? Not everyone uses essentialmode and this could be really well used if this wasn’t directly for essentialmode.

Nevertheless, great release.


I agree with DavidR, having this as a standalone script would be remarkable.


I’ll have a look tomorrow at possibly making it so you insert the user’s steamid into a table for who you want to use this, otherwise use a database.


This is very easy to do, especially for admin and global chat.

All you will have to do is remove the SQL, and add “steam:id” into the local staff

local staff {


:open_mouth: <3 Thank you me testerino soon


I’ll write something up if you want.


@aka_Lucifer That would be amazing!! <3