[ALPHA] FX-Interactions (Animated Ped Drag/Hands Up/Cuffing)




Version: 1.2 ALPHA

1. Controls: INPUT_CHARACTER_WHEEL (Alt) + INPUT_VEH_DUCK (x) must be held the entire duration of the animation to drag the NPC.
2. Controls: INPUT_CHARACTER_WHEEL (Alt) + INPUT_VEH_DUCK (x) must be held the entire duration of the animation to cuff and escort the NPC as long as they are standing.
3. Controls 2: INPUT_FRONTEND_ACCEPT (Enter) must be held the entire duration of the animation to raise player hands

In Client.lua under CHANGEABLE DATA you can edit the controls table to the controls that you want. Change only the numbers and not anything else unless you know what you’re doing.

local controls = { -- Change the number located next to the key for the control to which ever combination you want to use. https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Controls
	['handsup'] = { key = 201},
	['grabbing'] = { key1 = 19, key2 = 73,}, -- This key is the same keys for Cuffing currently but I'll make customization in the future.


  1. Hands up while a key is held.

  2. Move while Hands are up with some actions disabled(shooting aiming etc).

  3. Drag dead peds with animated dragging while keys are held.

  4. Cuff and escort a ped with animation while keys are held.

Thanks: I have the thanks mainly in my readme and if you feel you should be thanked please, by all means, let me know. However, I just want to say thanks to the community here and the elements. Without all of you, none of this stuff would be possible.



  1. Download the source

  2. Install according to normal proceedures.

  3. Start it with your server.


That animation is sick


Thank you. It took me a while to work out the interaction and to get everything working. I have some plans to work on putting players in cars in the future etc to make things more realistic. I just didn’t have a player to test with so i to work with peds.

My goal is to eventually put it all together and make things more fluid but it’s been a pain in the ass :smiley:


When i test this on a npc. The body goes flying in the air when I pickup the body.
This happens right after he is done with his lifting animation.


Is that on every NPC? Also are you “Holding” the Alt+X keys until you want the animation to finish? basically you have to at least hold the keys until the dragging actually starts.

It’s like the hands up portion you hold the keys the entire time you’re dragging the player it’s not like a toggle where you press it once and then press again to stop. I’ll try to come up with a fix btw for the sling shot stuff if you release the keys before but yes I was able to reproduce that issue @kry0n if I just pressed Alt+X and then let go immediately.


Got it! I just needed to be told how it works.
Amazing work! so cool!


Awesome glad it’s working for you :slight_smile:

If you encounter any more bugs please let me know so I can add them to my list of issues. Also if you test with other players and encounter anything let me know as I don’t have other users to test this with :slight_smile:

P.S Thanks for the feedback!


Just tried with another player.
After animation finishes the body goes into the ground halfway.

NPC works perfect.


Interesting so the entity function grabs the player also… Hmmm would you mind testing something for me in a second.

So both players play the animations correctly though? Is the second player able to control the motion of the drag?

Thanks for the testing this will simplify a lot of stuff if I can get that working with the entity portion.


good evening would it be possible to do it for the players, to put them in a vehicle for + rp medic


Yea I down the player.
I hold down - Alt+X When the animation completes. the body on the ground stands up with his arms out a bit and half of the body goes in the ground.

My player model stands right back up after the grab animation is over. Almost acts just like I let go alt+X.
I cannot drag or move the player. No control or movement after grabbing animation is over.


Yes I plan on having an interaction like that for vehicles. Although I want it to be animated so it feels more RP if that makes sense. The ambulance and such might not be animated but other 4 door type vehicles might.

@kry0n ok that makes more sense and is in line with what I thought might happen. However, the fact that it even knows there is a dead entity near isn’t what I intended. That’s something I might try to work on in the next update, however, I don’t have other actual players to test it on so I’m running blind there. I suspect it’s because I’m not actually using the right resurrect native for players is why it’s freezing at that frame.

If you get some spare time and want to try I created a development branch on my bitbucket with an updated client.lua. I didn’t really test it as it was just a few lines changed but you’re welcome to try. If it fixes or brakes anything just go back to the main branch for now. Anywho goodnight guys I’m glad you enjoy the script.


Thank you for your help and support. If you need testers, we will help anytime.

I will private message you our discord.


thank you for your reply I will take a second server this week in order to do more test I keep you informed.


Very nice job !
Keep up the good work =)


Could you not have it so its programmed to the enter key for handsup because it interferes with running in the game. If I try to sprint it causes my character to put his hands up. It also does it on my ps4 controller.


it’s amazing !!! :slight_smile: (for 20 characters…)


Guys I just wanted to say I didn’t really have much time and wasn’t feeling so great the past few days so this update wasn’t much.

I hopefully fixed the slingshot bug with quick pressing the drag buttons and letting go so hopefully that doesn’t happen any more. I also redid quite a bit of the back end stuff so hopefully it works better for me in the future.

I added a changeable data section to the Client.lua so for those of you that want to change the controls used @Daveyentim1 you can change them to what you wish.

I wasn’t able to get a bunch of testing in but hopefully it runs smoother on the animation portion for dragging but it’s always 1 step forward 10 steps back :smiley: so thanks for those of you that do test. I didn’t do any testing or progress on the actual player dragging portion so no update there. As usual let me know if anything else comes up guys.


I tried it out. Its amazing how the buttons were changed except that the press x on ps4 control is still there and now the pick people up doesnt work at all.


Ok, I’m not experiencing that issue. The controls aren’t mapped to actual “keys” are mapped to https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Controls the corresponding control. So for example 73 is (INPUT_VEH_DUCK) which has a default key of X on the keyboard but no Xbox or ps4 keyboard default. You’d have to go into the key mappings in GTAV settings and change (INPUT_VEH_DUCK) to the button on your controller to what you want to be. I just gave you the ability to change the control to whatever is more convenient for you. In case it is interfering with another script or doesn’t work for your hands.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?