👑 Alias Social... Tired of Your Community's BS!?! Welcome to where you can Be...Whoever! | EUP Enabled | Idiot Disabled | Non - ELS | Lambda | Actual Jailing Process | Teamspeak and Discord | State/Sheriff/Police | WHITELISTED

Made you click! We must be it!!

Hello my fellow community,

My name is Rick Grimes and I am with the Alias Social Server Operations team. Let me start by asking you a simple question… Do you want to live the life you have always desired? A life filled with everything you could ever dream of beyond your wildest childhood imaginations? A life where you can be whoever you want to be and get away from the overwhelming expectations of what we call reality? If you desire to find this place, and just give it the slightest benefit of the doubt, then I encourage you to join us and our community to find what you have been long searching for. Our outstanding goal is for you, our friend, to find a place in which you can achieve greatness with a relaxed and transcending environment. A place in which you find yourself lost in great memories. A place in which you find that life…really is worth living.

Quick Server Information: We have re-branded as Alias Social, as to not be confused with the other 69 San Andreas life and Blaine County Life servers.

Teamspeak: alias.social
Discord: https://discord.gg/wmKYx6S
Discord (Web Browser): alias.social/discord
Server Address:
Whitelist Application: alias.social/apply

10 Facts about our server:

  1. We are probably better than wherever the hell you are coming from…
  2. Our #1 Rule is “Don’t Be A Dumbass…” No… Seriously…
  3. We are a NON-ELS server. This ensures ease of use, stability, and overall just a better experience for our officers and anyone who doesn’t want to push 50 different buttons…
  4. We have a bait-car script which allows us to lock you up before you’re even in handcuffs.
  5. NO CIVILIAN RANKING SYSTEM!!! Because who the hell wants that? This isn’t Penn State.
  6. Lambda and Simple Trainer are a must. ESX is not cool like the Acura NSX.
  7. Aviation is very much encouraged!!! Suicide bombers please…no.
  8. A working EUP menu for Multiplayer character models. Yea that’s right, we know you want to spend 3 hours customizing and 20 minutes roleplaying…
  9. Law Enforcement utilizes a total of over 20 available vehicles. I mean, all I gotta say is, our department’s wallet is thicc.
  10. We have spawn-able add-on civilian vehicles, each with our own personalized handling line because vehicle developers don’t know what the fuck they are doing.
  11. Did you really think I would stop at 10? Anyways, we also feature other games outside of just FiveM and GTAV. Feel free to come on down and play popular battle royals titles or other interesting games. (Fortniters just stay away. You’re too young to apply anyway.)

What You Can Do:

  1. You can FLY! (Again, not into buildings…)
  2. You can drive SUPER CARS!*
  3. You can be SECURITY! (This doesn’t make you a cop!!!)
  4. You can use GTA IV Cars!
  5. You can STREET RACE! (Not for cop baiting…)
  6. You can STEAL POLICE CARS!*
  7. You can be A COP! (Well, if you have some common sense and fill out our Application)

Other Features:
Client side scripts: YES!
Custom Cars: YES!
Working Police Radar: YES!
Full Map RP: YES!
Cruise Control: YES!
Lots of Construction Vehicles: YES!
Helicopter with Spotlight: YES!
You can play on other communities: YES!
Admin player skins and cars: F#K NO!*

For clarification on our merging possibilities, we are looking for a group who wishes to merge into us. While we understand that this may be a hassle, we have put lots of time and effort into creating the best experience possible, and don’t want to leave it all to waste. Besides, we are better than you. We have cookies.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this post and I will get to you as soon as possible. As long as my phone is handy, I should be able to get to you right away!!! (Or when I feel like it…)

Your Friend,

R. Grimes | C-7
Server Operations

P.S. I lied about the cookies. Sorry.

A small portion of our available vehicles…

Thanks to all of those who have showed interest in our server!!! Hope to see you all on the server soon!!!

Just an Idea for a roleplay…

In addition to our patrols, we will now be having Movie Nights sometime later in the week. I will update when A day has been finalized!!! Hoping to get you, the community involved!!!

That is a good idea.

Thanks!!! Hope to see you there!

Big patrol tonight at 8:00pm EST

Successful patrol tonight. Have over 12 people on!!!

Another patrol tonight at 7:30pm EST!!!


Dang this looks like a really good community, you guys should consider going whitelisted when you have more members unless you are whitelisted.

We don’t have the momentum to go for a white-list as of yet. I appreciate your comments BTW they are greatly appreciated!!!


This is a wonderfully relaxed server with great add-ons and atmosphere! I’ve never seen a server like it. Please keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:

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