Alhambra Drive Ymap 1.0


Nothing too fancy. But i upload it because i think some people might like it. Created by me on gta5 sp ported with a very useful tool [Dev Tool] yMap Tools - Updated! made by @Smallo Thanks for this AWESOME tool :slight_smile:

Download (1.9 MB)


Thanks for this. Don’t suppose you could swap out a couple of those trees, could you. It kind of looks like a pattern and not really natural.


Most trees at this point were planted and not natural, esp in cities/locales. This is probably more realistic than removing a few. :smiley:


Thanks for the shout out. Nice work.


Like @Fraggs said this is base of most city i know of. Example, in my city where i live on certain road that’s what we do. It’s a matter of opinion. Maybe later down the road when i’m done with customizing sandy to my liking. I might take suggestion. But you could always watch some youtube videos on how to install map editor on gta5 single player so you could do your own map to your liking. It’s pretty easy and fun doing map mod.