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Hello fellow FiveM members,

My name is Cam M. and I am the Director of the Alberta Justice Department Roleplay community, or otherwise known as AJDRP. We are a new community, who has already grown a bit before this post was made, and we focus on mature, serious roleplay. We are based out of the province of Alberta and run off of Albertan laws and have departments based out of Alberta. I have been working on developing our FiveM Server & very professional CAD/MDT system. We even have what most communities do not, our own Armed Forces department! We are looking for department administrators for all departments! We believe maturity isn’t always necessarily based on age, and that anybody of any age can be mature and responsible, so that is why we do not have an age requirement to play on our server.

Join our Discord:
Register on our Application Site:

Some perks of being a registered member:

- You can unlock more vehicles & weapons to use
-You can be promoted within your department
-Access to spawn our many add-on vehicles
-Registered in the CAD/MDT System
-No vehicle structure, drive whatever vehicles you would like! (within your department)

Some perks of being a department head:
-You control your department
-You choose who you want to promote/demote within your department
-Special privileges in game
-Get to vote on server issues

Some things featured on our server:
-Add-On Vehicles
-Real Life cars
-Custom Vehicle textures
-Custom Vehicles
-Lots of Scripts
-No priority cooldown, or peacetime
-Realistic Roleplay
-Daily Roleplay

Here are some pictures of some of the many scripts & vehicles in our server:


More vehicles are being created as you read this! Join us today!
Apply here:

Thank you,
Cam M, Director of AJDRP


We are looking for a Civilian Director! We need one immediately! Join our Discord:


This Community Stole from ours it is going to be reported. And removed soon. Good luck guys!