Alameda County Roleplay | Serious RP | Looking for new LEO, FIRE/EMS, Communications & CIVS! | Join us today!


Looking for a Clan that just started up and fully operational? well Alameda County Roleplay is right for you

MDT/CAD: Fully Operational

FIVEM SERVER: Fully Operational

WEBSITE: Fully Operational

TEAMSPEAK: Fully Operational

Our Departments that are open:
-Los Santos Police Department
-Los Santos/Blaine County Fire Rescue
-Blaine County Sheriffs office
-San Andreas Aviation
-United State Coast Guard (WIP)
-San Andreas Highway Patrol

We are finally open! Join Here
Whitelisted CAD/MDT:

“ACRP is a Life RP server that stands for the people who want to relax and enjoy their time, but also be in a serious RP server. This community has a zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, and slander. The community is a caring and positive community that wants to stand for everyone’s morals and right. We have a zero tolerance to racism and or segregation. Everyone is apart of the Team!”

“Alameda County Roleplay Doing Roleplay The right way”


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