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Alameda County Roleplay - ACRP

Who we are

Alameda County Roleplay is a smaller community looking to grow. We were once San Andreas Police Department Roleplay (SAPDRP), we changed to ACRP then shut down due to IRL stuff and not having the time to commit to ACRP. We are back once again.

We need your help in order to strive. Just because we are small doesn’t mean we cannot grow.

Departments we offer

We currently have the following departments available to join.

  • Highway Patrol
  • Sheriff Department
  • Dispatch
  • Civilian

Right now we are mainly looking for civilians.
The departments listed are the only ones we are accepting until we can get more members.


We currently have two servers available for people to play on.
Our first server is a menu based server. This allows for some more freedom to the civilians to create the perfect scenario they want. This also allows for quickly based scenes. This opens the creativity that economy servers may lack because of progression.

Our second server is an economy server. This is for the most strict roleplay that everyone wants to have. You need to get a job and earn money that will allow you to buy cars, apartments, drugs, weapons, etc. This server is in beta and still in-progress.

Want to help out?

We are always looking for people who are wanting to help out. Whether this is in script development, graphics design, web development, etc.


Website -
Discord - or - Whichever decides to work.
TeamSpeak 3 -
Rules and Regulations -

We are doing something new as of today. We will be allowing anyone to join the community without submitting an application. All you have to do is join the TeamSpeak server and do a short “get to know you” interview.


Owner/Founder - Edwin S.
Co-Owner - Brennen S.
Highway Patrol Commissioner - Andrew S.
Sheriff Department Sheriff - Cam P.
Dispatch Director - Jammal R.
Civilian Director - Vacant

Server Dev Looking For A New Home
Server Dev Looking For A New Home
Experienced Leo/Emt looking for active server
Looking for an RP home
Looking for an new menu based server

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Just updated it, try that one.


Looking for active members that would like a community to join. We are currently looking for a civilian director.