AI vs Police


Why do the AI never responed to blue lights on a add on car/


cuz they don’t feel like it. Sounds like the vehicle not the lights to me.


Is it possible so they move to one side so you can pass ?


What do you mean by Blue Lights? as in Emergency Signals? That could be because the Car Data on it is not set correctly…




Unless you mess with metas.


Yer say Iam attending an incident on an emergency call lights and siren :rotating_light: on, they just sit in the way and won’t pull to the side to let me through,


Can I send my meta over later on for you to look at plz, Iam currently at work . Till 3pm uk,


I never said I would do it for you :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t do metas. There are some on


What do you mean? Like they stop in the middle of the road?


They just drive like normal - they don’t even releases your behind them


Cheers, yer I understand like light setting on 1 andsiren setting and that still won’t chand these, I’ve used the 20 slot basic cars.meta


Here is a police addon cars, yet the Peds/AI wont help by moving out of the way while on a call out with lights and siren flashing away

New Text Document.txt (2.4 KB)
New Text Document (2).txt (5.6 KB)


Could someone point me in the right direction plz