After update the car handeling is messd up


After the update
all the cars on my server have F.t up handeling
and they start flying randomly when driving
and also it make a tire scraping sound wile driving


Any repro for this? This doesn’t happen for us when testing.



Same results,

I just got a return from my community.
On leaving a vehicle he was making strange noise, as if he was flush with the ground, and he driffted as not possible.

All vehicles start to drift.

I upload a video as soon as possible. (i’m at work)

I use the last artefact for linux server :

The SexySpeedometer does not work properly either.



It also freezes your car when you go to fuel up. When you turn off your car, it wont turn back on unless you type /engine in chat twice.


I had the same issue, just restarted my client and everything is fine now.


Well i just also tested standing in 1 place in a car and it randomly just goes in the air and then in sometime falls down


Guys if you haven’t updated GTAV Properly with the social club or steam, Try doing that, or Your driving will be drifty and sound like the brakes are catching and just broken, and scripts will be broken,

I use sexyspeedo and vmenu, both were broken until i did the 7gb update from GTA.

After that the servers I am on all started working correctly, aside from the more than one person error fivem is working on currently


Yep exactly :smiley: