Administrator/Server Operator looking for work!


Hey guys! I’m the owner of Boondock County Roleplay, which I have been working on for the past 3ish months. I’ve decided being a server owner is not quite the workload I was looking for, and that I’d rather work as a technical hand with a team. So, I am seeking out a community that is in need of an administrator/server operator.

I am looking for a community of any size that is owned by someone over the age of 20. I’m in my late 30’s and prefer working with a mature group of people. Please note I am not looking for a temporary position, I am hoping to find a home that I can dedicate all my time to long-term.

I’m not a coder and was self-taught along the way, but I have experience with:

  • Setting up a FiveM server running ESX
  • Researching, installing, and repairing mods
  • Limited knowledge of setting up a VPS server on Linux
  • Installing and managing voice communication servers and websites
  • Managing communities
  • Some experience creating vehicle templates in Illustrator & Photoshop
  • I’m sure I’m missing stuff…

If you think I may be a good fit for your community, please send me a private message with information about your server and current staff. Try to include enough relevant information, I cannot join 30 discord servers for a chat.


Whats the new discord invite link because they’ve all expired.


Hello! I just read your post and we need someone just like you here at HighLife RP! If you are wanting to join here is the discord!



Hey there Spicy, nice to see you again. You were removed from my community for abusing your moderator powers. I’m certain I would not fit in over at HighLife but thanks for the offer!


Sent you a PM @Norl Thanks


I pmed you last night. feel free to message back with questions and all


Hey I am the director o City Of Toronto Roleplay and id certainly like to discuss so opportunities I may have for you within my community join our discord and we can talk further on there

Also if you’d like more info on my community check our post City Of Toronto Roleplay - Canadian Based RP - Custom CAD - Toronto Police Service - Toronto Fire & EMS - Citizens Of Toronto Recruiting! Looking For Smaller Communities To Merge With!


Thanks Tanoshi, I’ll get back to you shortly. :slight_smile:


Hi are u still looking for work as we have some the we need help

Antonio Shaw
NZRP clan