Admin /pm and reply system for onduty admins


I’m looking to try and make a system that will allow whitelisted admins do a /apm admin private message and send it to an ID so like /apm 1 cut the shit. sort of thing. allowing all admins on the whitelist to see the messages and the reply that they can do with so like /apmr a private message reply and have it send it back to the admin. does anyone know of anything like this out there? or can help me create one


Don’t think this already exists, it’s not going to be easy to create this though.
The PM part is easy, but getting the PM to ALSO be read by all other admins is a lot more difficult.


Well, this can be simple. However, you would need to have some group setup for admins.

A typical PM system would be /pm [id] [msg]

This would need a TriggerClientEvent to trigger on the [id] and send the [msg].

However, to send to admins as well, you will need to loop through the online admins in that group and justTriggerClientEvent to them too so they see it.


That’s true, but by going through a list of admins (player Identifiers I suppose) you still need to get their server ID…


Yeah, setting up the PM itself would be easy, but you need the information (groups / server IDs) stored/in place already or created, which is the more challenging part.


so could a system be set up where a admin can /pm /apm and they can reply and thats it? without going to all the other admins is that easy? im not grate at this haha


Well you can just use the already made text script and edit it. Or just use the script as is and communicate that way. Dont think it quite makes that much of a difference. [Release] Private/Text Message Script [UPDATED]


yea i have this and am playing with it atm i thought it was a good idea too i just not sure what i need to put in to make it only allow whitelisted people to do /text or in my case /apm


Depends are you using es or vrp? I wouldnt exactly be able to start you off there but thats a good place to start. Maybe someone else knows more.


atm I am going for ESX but this can be 100% separate and i cant get the script u linked to work with /reply

– if cm[1] == “/reply” then
– CancelEvent()
– if tablelength(cm) > 1 then
– local tPID = textData.lastPlayermessageRecieved
– local names2 = GetPlayerName(tPID)

		-- local msgVar = {}
		-- local text = ""
		-- for i=1, #cm do
			-- if i ~= 1 then
				-- text = (text .. " " .. tostring(cm[i]))
			-- end
		-- end
		-- TriggerClientEvent('simp:textreply', tPID, source, text, names2)
		-- TriggerClientEvent('simp:textreplysent', source, tPID, names2)
	-- end
-- end

throws this in the cmd when u do /reply


okay so fixed the error so ignore that ^^^ now I just need to find a way to make it so whitelist only can use /pm

[Release] Admin Reply/Report Command