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Can someone help me making this police vehicle a addon? i dont know how to do addons so if you could help me i would have appreciated it. Here is the vehicle :


Simply change Police4 to another name do vehicle meta files etc and should work.


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Ive made into a add-on for you.

Im pretty terrible at explaining so here is a brief explanation of what I’ve done

  1. renamed the “Y” Files to match the new spawn name (bxcvpi)
  2. got police4 bits from vanilla metas
    – Copied them to the meta files in my FiveM resource
  3. replaced bits where in the metas where it says police4 to bxcvpi
    – this is carvariations and vehicles meta

EDIT: forgot to add a sound for the vehicle engine in vehicle meta, vanilla vehicles dont have their own sound defined in the vehicle meta, not sure how that works.

if you look at how this works you should be able to follow the same general process for converting any replacer to a add-on
^ thow this in your FiveM server and type “start xx-car-cvpi-bxbugs” then you can spawn it ingame bxcvpi (edit updated the file already)


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