Addon Cars


Hi, think i’m doing something wrong with the cars. I have the cars working in game but i cannot find any information on getting the modifications for the vehicles in the custom shops. I’m unsure of the process to install the car mods and setting up the modkits. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.



Unfortunately most add on car modifications are very limited and or do not exist.


Hey man,

There is multiple ressources you can use to ensure that your cars are installed properly
This software : apparently helps you create the necessary files (Haven’t tested it but it got updated in Febuary 2018 so it must be pretty up to date)

There is also this video tutorial on how to install addons with customisation parts (

But to be honest, just put all your .ytd .ytf file (even those from the modkits.rpf) in the stream folder and you’re pretty much set.

Hope this helped