Addon Cars with modifications that dont show up


I am creating an addon pack and I am using two vehicles that have modifications a Mustang - - and a Jeep - - The vehicles work but the mods don’t I have everything setup properly to my knowledge. If anyone can help me with why they are not working that would be fantastic.

Screenshots :

Resource.lua :
Addon Folder :
Vehicle Names :
The stream file :

The mustang and jeep are in the same file its just the jeep has a lot of modifications that wouldn’t fit in one screenshot


resource.lua screenshot?

Also try testing it 1 car at a time. I think I had issues with the mustang your using, can’t remember.

Also you could remove your vehicle names.lua. I never use those.


well i would just change a value number in carcols and carvariatons to make it work, but try this one, the car you want is already on the forum


Thank you I will try this.


I added it to the post but here :


The problem is not from the _resource.lua, if was that causing issues you couldn’t even enter in your server, the issue is on carcols.meta and carvariatons.


Okay, Thank you…


If that one still not having the mod kit working, tell me i will help you.


Well I put it as a standalone addon, so I can leave it standalone out of the pack. Thank you