Addon cars in traffic



how would i go about making the cars i have added
spawn as traffic all over the map i have looked and
couldn’t find any similar topics. any help would be nice


Create a resource to use a custom popgroups.ymt, inside the __resource.lua write this:

resource_manifest_version '77731fab-63ca-442c-a67b-abc70f28dfa5'

data_file 'FIVEM_LOVES_YOU_341B23A2F0E0F131' 'popgroups.ymt'

files {

Afterwards, extract the popgroups.ymt from your game folder (It’s probably in the data folder somewhere) and place the popgroups.ymt file into your resource’s folder alongside __resource.lua.

Now open the popgroups.ymt and do CTRL + F to open the search bar on a decent text editor. There are three types of vehicle class

  • VEH_MID (You may also want to modify VEH_MID_MP as well)

Search for one of those to bring up the XML grouping name and you should see, if you scroll down, quite a few vehicles already as children to the parent (e.g Baller is a child to VEH_RICH).

Simply just copy a line such as <Item><Name>alpha</Name><Variations type="NULL"/></Item> and paste it under the vehicle class group below or above the rest of the lines containing vehicles. Change value between the tags to the name of the custom vehicle you want.

When your done it should look something like this:

				<Item><Name>CUSTOMCARNAME</Name><Variations type="NULL"/></Item>
				<Item><Name>Baller</Name><Variations type="NULL"/></Item>
				<Item><Name>baller2</Name><Variations type="NULL"/></Item>

That’s what worked for me, let me know if you need anything clarified I’m not the best when it comes to making instructions simple enough :joy:


will give it a go now thanks for replying


When I add a resource to load a custom popgroups.ymt, my FiveM client gives me the error “Couldn’t load resource traffic. :(” Where traffic is the name I gave that resource.
It doesn’t matter wether I use the popgroups from my GTA installation or a custom one, the message stays.


Thanks so much, this actually worked.