Adding vehicles to an FXServer through a VPS



I am fairly new to all of this and have recently been looking to add vehicles to my server however I have not yet reached a successful solution to this. I have been looking up all the tutorials under the sun regarding this, however all seem to not work or maybe do yet I am being to stupid to realise what I am doing wrong. Essentially I am trying to add british police vehicles and ems vehicles however the models never show up in game or they dont let the server load full stop. I was wondering if somebody had a good guide regarding adding vehicles through a VPS.



What’s your folder structure look like?




I see no vehicle folders?



That is because I could not get any to work therefore I removed them. I can add a vehicle now to show you what I am doing. One moment please.


The folder structure should be: /resources/foldername/stream/vehiclename, where foldername can be whatever you want (vehicles, vehs, etc), and vehiclename is the name of the vehicle you’re trying to replace.


  • The file declaring the resource should be resource.lua, not resources.lua
  • streams folder should be stream.
  • All the police2 files need to go in a police2 folder inside of stream.




You have no resource named metbmw2015 in your resources folder. The name of the resource you’re trying to load has to match the folder name after resources/. I.e resources/vehicles/ you would add start vehicles to your server.cfg


I do


What’s inside metbmw2015?


Wait… Are any of your resources working? The resources folder should be inside your server directory.



Yes I have working resources.

Inside the metbmw2015 folder there is this


Try removing the start line for the bmw and see if what you have works. If something else errors then there’s something very wrong that I’m obviously missing.


The server boots up fine without the startline for the bmw in it however the vehicles do not change. This has been the case with all vehicles so far.


make sure to turn the server OFF delete the cache folder and restart it after adding the car with a fresh cache the cache is located in the server main folder idk why yours shows in your resources ? should work then or the files are not set up properly


I don’t know why it’s there either, but I thought it was some other resource for caching something so I didn’t question it.