Adding tunable cars to the server


Im completely defeated on this thing, as none of it makes any sense.
I started off with a supra, used carKIT id 1008 as it states in one of the tutorials on this site.
Worked well. I started working my way up to 1024 or whatever the last “working number” there was in that tutorial. There were a few inbetween that didn’t work, but nvm. So i got to a point where i ran out of numbers. Then i looked up what id’s are actually used by the game and what aren’t. So i decided to change everything back to 3 digit numbers instead, to keep it simple. Starting with 255 - supra. First number i reached that didn’t work, was 253. The car itself (lets call it mercedes) used to work with one of the 10XX number, so i knew that bodykits etc are fine, and so is my resource folder etc.
So i decided to remove supra completely, clear caches, get rid of anything supra related in anywhere, and use the same id (255) for the mercedes, just to confirm that the number i used before (253) is actually not working and that the car is fine. And to my surprise, it didn’t work with 255 either (now bear in mind that this car is confirmed to actually work with 10XX number i used to use for it).

The second very weird thing that i encountered was the following. I had lexus in the game, with working bodykits etc (id 1022 i think). So after that one, i added a couple more with increasing numbers. Lexus stopped working. So then i changed lexus to 254 which didn’t improve the case. Then, i added another car, a subaru. Accidentally i used the same id (254) there. Turned out subaru works fine. When i discovered that i used the same id for both, i decided to change lexus to 253 instead, as i knew that subaru works with 254. Now, i went to test it and lexus wasn’t working. Okay. But, the problem is, neither was subaru! So i did the next logical step - reverted all the changes and made it all as it was before (both lexus and subaru share the 254 id, like it was when subaru’s bodykits were working). And now, either one would work, even tho with the exact same conditions, subaru did work before.

I really don’t understand the logic here. What am i doing wrong?
The lines where i change the id’s are:


  <id value="255" />



Anyone knows whats up?


I’m not too familiar with open mod-kit id values, however just a little heads up, for example you have

  <id value="255" />

And the same kit-name for the supra mod-kit in the carvariations. you don’t have to change the kit-name, you just have to change the id value in the carcols.meta for ex.

  <id value="1008" />

keep the mod kit name, change the id value, and it’ll save you work and time.


Oh okay, thanks. I tought it might be like that when i checked the vanilla car id’s and noticed they dont match with the kitname. Good to know in the future.