Adding a minimap icon



Hello! I am trying to add a fire department blip for the davis station. Would someone know how to add them in and where. Thanks!

local blip = AddBlipForCoord(x,y,z)
SetBlipSprite(blip, BLIP ID HERE!)
SetBlipScale(blip, 1.0)
AddTextComponentString("TEXT HERE")


Ok thanks, and would i put this into a server.lua file or client or what?


Client Side, dont put it in a loop (trust me it wasnt fun)


haha, thanks for your help man!


sorry for asking, but for this what do I put and how do I find the blip string

AddTextComponentString("TEXT HERE")


AddTextComponentString("TEXT HERE") is what you put the name of the blip in. So if you wanted it to be called Fire Department youd do AddTextComponentString("Fire Department")


Would you know where to find the string? I can’t seem to find a website with them


What do you mean??? Do you mean blip ids?




what do you put here? And if it’s the string, how do I find it


You don’t change that, leave it as is


Alright i’m going to see if I can get it to work, thanks man.