Add policecar to esx_policejob


Hello guys I have a question how do i add adddons car to esx_policejob I really want to add new cars that would make my server better I have tried over a week now.


serch by this “vehicle_spawner” scroll down when u find a “table.insert” change the label for the REAL car name and the valeu is the model off the car


i dont understad could u explain more


table.insert(elements, { label = ‘Real name’, value = 'model name '})


where do I see the real name and the model name sry if I am retarded


And where should I put the addon car folder in resources or?


where u want because the add-on car its other addon u only have to put a new table and change the names


Okej but where do I find the name and model


If u have time and want would u mind screensharing on discord?


I just dont know what I should put and modelname and real name


ex add-on

Camaro 911 is the real name
Model is the name of files in the stream folder ex: camaro_911

table.insert(elements, { label = ‘Camaro 911’, value = ‘camaro_911’}).

u can find it doing ctrl + F “vehicle_spawner”, scroll down when u find table insert put it above or under


How do u know Camaro 911 is the real name so I know where to look tyty


real name is the name will appear in the menu


Okej thanks I will try if it works tytytyt


Where should I put the addon car folder and should I put start “car” in cfg?


How do I spawn police cars in the garage with extras on them?