Add on vehicles


im trying to add more vehicles with this add on pack i have but what all do i have to do to get my server to stop crashing like


like i know i have to do vehicle metas and caravations but for some reason they aren’t working right do i have vehiclelayouts too or no


Vehicle metas cannot be installed via serverside. I have attached an example addon car resource.


so how do i install the metas then


You can’t. You would have to make everyone that plays on your server install them into their GTA V directory. Which almost nobody wants to do. I would recommend using cars that don’t require them.


ok i will just go back to the old way thank you for atleast telling me about it


If you don’t mind me asking where are getting the info from that you can’t stream meta files from the server cause I can tell you that you can & it’s not that hard


That’s not right, you can stream metas.


It’s not working for me, in another version, i remember the Biker weapons made by MarkViolla work, but now, none of these work. (I’m on Windows 7 and using a localhost server). i need a little help :wink: " i try to clear cache on server side by delet all in the folder “Cache\http-files” trying to unlock manually all the stuff (but they are too many). nothing.