Add-on police vehicles light and sirens not working


This is my first time making a post on the issue, but it has certainly been a nonstop thing for me in the past. I installed the following FIB pack on to my server:

All the vehicles spawn in fine, however their lights and sirens do not work. I don’t have luxart or anything like that installed. Below I have uploaded the entire resource folder for everyone to take a look at. I have personally gone through everything and can’t find the problem, so hopefully someone can have some luck with it.
handling.meta (8.4 KB)
carvariations.meta (6.5 KB)
__resource.lua (396 Bytes)
vehicles.meta (63.3 KB)
carcols.meta (102.5 KB)


Im having the same problem I have tried around 5 different cars same result each time sirens and lights not working.


The carvariations.meta was messed up. It appears some of these have custom light patterns and some use default. I’m not on my home pc so I can’t test but this should fix the issue. If not I will take another look when I am home later today. I suggest you get luxart vehicle control otherwise you must activate the siren via the horn (gta v default).

carvariations.meta (6.5 KB)


Here ya go. I fixed a few more meta issues and packaged so you can just drop into your server resource folder. Make sure you add start fibpolice to your server.cfg. Cheers!


Was just about to fix it for him, good job man!


Thanks you very much! They work amazing! Is there a way for me to edit the light patterns on the vehicle?
And also, what was wrong with the files? I only ask so I can know for future reference what to do.


Your meta’s had the wrong siren settings and the lspdfr download had a few of the vehicles as the wrong class of vehicle. Just a few simple edits.