Add on Car with no Carcols


I’ve been trying to convert this Truck to an add-on and I can’t get the lights to come on at all. It’s meant to be a replacement so it doesn’t come with a carcols file. In the past I’ve worked around this by copying a carcols from a similar vehicle but that doesn’t work here. It knows it’s a police vehicle and everything because I can still blip the siren and use the airhorn. Any help would be much appreciated. I would open the model in zmodeler and try to make a carcols myself but my license is expired.


For an add-on I’m almost 100% sure that you only need a vehicles.meta and carvariations.meta` the rest is not needed


Yeah I did try that and I got nothing. Weird. I’ve seen other servers use this truck too.


For future reference: vehicle.meta,handling.meta are the 2 that are needed for a add-on(unless you define a handling of a other vehicle in vehicle.meta)

carvariations.meta is not a necessity.


that is true, but since he’s talking about a police vehicle, it (carvariations.meta) is going to need to be required for working lights, most of those police cars use in-game vehicle handling’s which is why I hadn’t mentioned the handling.meta, but yea, you’re right