Add Node.js as a server side scripting language


would it be possible to add node.js as a server side scripting language ?
would you like to have node.js as a server side scripting language ?


What would be the benefit of having Node.js as a scripting language?


Node.js is a runtime and I believe there’s some problems compiling v8 for linux


I work primarily with Node on a product I build at work. There are no issues compiling Node on Linux, unless there’s some odd flag that you’re adding during compile time that we don’t use. We use it because of its easy cross-platform abilities and have never ran into issues on Linux. We used to have more issues on Windows than with Linux. All of that is resolved, anyway.


@Syntasu the same benefit as having C# and Lua, more variety, i personally prefer the javascript / nodejs syntax instead of lua… also why can’t i write both server side and client side with javascript while the other 2 you can ?

@mendelevium i don’t remember asking what nodejs is but ok then … i know i called it a language and i know it is a javascript runtime you don’t have to be a genius to know that it literally says it in their website like in the first paragraphs or so … as for compiling issues with v8 if that is your concern use the LTS version, because that one i know for sure there’s no issues, that’s the version i run on my vps (Debian 8) which is full of scripts and bots made on nodejs and i didn’t have no issues at all with it, at least for now but it has been like a year i have that vps

@Scott thanks for the support :wink: could you please vote for this if you want to see this happen ?


There’s already a JS runtime directly using V8, as Node has its own event loop and can’t have multiple embedded isolated runtimes that will never be supported; most likely is for the V8 runtime to end up supported on the server as well however for that we need to figure out a way to build it as Alpine package (which currently is not available, and Google changes the build system every so often - also ‘LTS’ versions of V8 don’t exist and you’re confused with Node again).

Locked, because as said there’s no way Node is going to be supported due to lack of support for multiple V8::Isolate instances, nor are we going to reimplement all of Node.