Add car into ESX_CARDEALER?


I got a RS6 into a server, works great to spawn it but i can`t find it in the cardealer shop, what to do? :slight_smile:


you need to add the car to the database (vehicles)


Works great withelse that i need to somehow add the vehicle to the ESX_Cardealer list, i have my phpmyadmin up and in the “vehicle” tab but i need the ID of the car am i right? if so, where can i find it?


the id you use to spawn the car. You can find the id in the stream folder of the add on car. (nameofcar.yft)

#6 would this one be the right so 492 (?) sorry if im misstaking.


audirs6tk should be the id

#8 , yes i use audirs6tk to spawn in the car but you need ID and in carcols.meta it says id value 492 as the screenshot above. I guess i done it right now?!!?


for the vehicle shop you only need to enter audirs6tk as the id.

492 is just the modkit id number. Its needed to modify the car.


Damn, this was harder than i thought or it is just me who are being retarded, am i even in the right category at phpmyadmin? (currently under vehicles)


You need to add your car to the vehicle table. There should already be some cars in there. You just add a new entry and enter the car id, name, car category and price. Thats it.


I understand that. but the ID is unique for every vehicle am i right? you told me to set “audirs6tk” as id, but an id can only have numbers. Im probably just misstaking what you are sayin rn


you’re probably trying to enter the id of the table row. You can leave that empty, phpmyadmin adds the right number by itself.


ill keep you updated after the restart, thanks a lot for answering all my questions dude. Really really appericate it <3


yeah, looks good to me.


No worries.

FYI: you might not be able to modify this car if the modkit ID is already taken. Its hard to find free ids. If you want the standard modifications like wheels, engine, turbo etc, you need to change the modkit ID within the carvariation file to 0_default_modkit. If this car has visible modifications you want to use, you have to search for a free modkit id which can be a pain.


It worked now, thanks a lot dude