Add a job point when taking a job SQL


Hello I am looking for how to add a selling point of harvest and processing when I choose a craft.

I use for the trades: Jobs-System-and-Paycheck if anyone has already done it for us.

Thank you


for a selling point you can use vdk_recolt and vdk_inventory


Precisely I would like to do with this script and not another.


i don’t understand you wan’t to use only Jobs-System-and-Paycheck?


I find it better than vdk


Yes but you can use both at the same time


Is it possible ? ???


yes for sure you can use a lot of script in same time


Can you make a fairly simple tutorial just to integrate the points in the database with colors all its like I recreate the topic resolved for everyone.


so you need

next you install you go in-game were you wan’t to put new recolt - treatment - sell
and in Database you just creat new thinks in items, coordinate…

if you need more tell me


i forgot if you want the bleaps appear only with the good job you need to do it yourself because nobody release this i thinks


I have all the processing points of sale and harvest but I want its posters when I take a craft.


Tries to do something like

in vdk recolt

if (id of your jobs) then