Active Server to join! DunkoRP with 40 custom police cars and 40 civ cars!


Join the discord then go to announcements to get the server link, and have fun in the server!


Come on. @Dunko Lmao :smiley:


Hhahahah DunkRP, You can’t even make your own server HAHA


How about you leave the guy alone, where is your custom, from scratch server? Cunt.

Coming from the guy who thought his server IP was his router IP?


Nah i did not meant to offend him, just mentioned you, cuz i saw the server name i tought you just will laugh about it, nothing much. No Offense to no one.


Dunko are you dumb? lol


Nah mate, I don’t advertise servers using local IPs but I know someone who does… you.

If the shoe fits as they say…


8 days ago you were using vrp. And your answer to fixing a nil value was to reinstall it 5 times? Local ip, not port forwarded and you emailed a person looking for a dev? Your attacking a dev that has a pack named after him and is pretty much the main pack of zap hosting. Wow! Really? I’m not one to start or engage in drama but what the hell were you thinking?