[ACTIVE EVENT] 16+ | ESX - Reality Gaming | OPEN BETA | Hiring all positions (including co-ownership)


Welcome you guys to a brand new-ish community based off of the old one called “Network of Reality”, but this time it is Reality Gaming! New owners, New staff, and New content!

The story behind Reality Gaming is that me @LimeTheFox has always wanted to run a FiveM community, and now it has finally happened. The project of Reality Gaming was first a one man team, meaning, owner, developer, and manager from the old server known as Network of Reality. Here at Reality Gaming we aim towards the reality, meaning we only roleplay realistically and never talk out of character while in-game.
We want the realism, and for you who want realism too. This community is for you.

Why you should choose us
  1. Because we believe you will have the most realistic roleplay on this server than any other server (not to sound rude) .
  2. As long as you’re able to make it in real life, you’re also able to make it here.
  3. Create your own gang and rule San Andreas.
  4. We make sure you are yourself and do exactly what you want within the very few rules we have.
  5. We listen to you, and the community. Your voice will be heard.
  6. We don’t say “ No ” to creativity, be open, be free, and have fun.
  7. State-Wide RP 24/7.
  8. Super cars are allowed everywhere, even dirt roads but think realistically. Suspension and everything else would break the car if you drove at like 50 MPH.
  9. We never talk out of character. We have key words on our discord server about what most things means.
  10. First RP server to legit allow ALL DLC vehicles, and also to have some of them in the car dealership.

:green_heart: Available whitelisted jobs are:
Car Dealer

:green_heart: :green_heart: Current whitelisted jobs that needs a boss are:
Real Estate Agent

:green_heart: Available public jobs:

:green_heart: Available activities:
Car thief (rp to find out locations)
Drugs (rp to find out locations)
Rob players for their cash, dirty money and items/weapons.
Car shows
Weekly lottery
Go-Kart race tracks (custom made)

:green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart: Extras
We also have all the GTA 4 vehicles.
Everyone who joins before full release will get 20k cash and a free car worth up to 25k. That and also a boost to get a better chance to get accepted into certain gangs, and jobs.

Discord invite


:green_heart: What’s coming soon
4 fully custom jobs which will make a huge impact in the server.
a Gruppe6 job, be the boss and recruit new security personnel to protect multi million dollar businesses

Help me find an rp community that best fits!



Event name:
Finders keepers.

What you are looking for is 5 duffel bags that is split up and worth up to $1,250,000 in total.

Each bag can only be found once. If you want to split up the money to multiple people, then you may do so. For example, Only 1 person can find the $250,000 bag. Once he has found it, he will be rewarded with the money. The duffel bags are colored black and yellow with a black question mark in the middle.
If multiple people find the same bag, the money will only be given to the one who found it first.
When found, a screenshot of the duffel bag and the surrounding must be taken. Including an exact location of where the duffel bag is located at.

When does the event start?
The event starts now.

P.S. You may ask where you can find them, answer is anywhere on the map.
Also, you are allowed to find all of them and keep the money for yourself.
Event ends when the last bag has been found.


discord is invalid



We’re still looking for an LSPD chief, EMS head, banker boss, taxi boss and REA boss :slight_smile:

Also, We have special cars for special people too!


The invite is not invalid I have to say. Can you try again?