Active Duty LEO looking for RP server


I am an active duty Sheriffs deputy from Florida looking for a serious RP server. Side note I have never played GTA on PC. But I’m a quick study and I’ve played on Xbox one/PS4. Also I never know exactly when I work so if you have required times to patrol I can’t work with that. Thanks.


I’m one of the admins for a group called Blue Line Gaming. We’d love to have you! More info here:


go check us out we have a community and we are pretty new but we are looking for new members, we have a economy server and a menu based server


Long Beach Roleplay | Serious RP | Anyone Can Be Cop/Ems | Custom Cars | CAD/MDT | | Long Beach Gaming Server Bazaar

Welcome to Long Beach Roleplay I Hope You Find Your Place And Enjoy! Our Discord Our Website Our Teamspeak is: Our Server IP is: VIDEO TRAILER What we offer ? we offer 5 Departements: BCSO [LBRP%20pic%201] [LBRP%20pic%203] LSSD [LBRP%20pic%206]Highway Patrol [LBRP%20pic%202] [LBRP%20pic%204] [LBRP%20pic%205] [LBRP%20%20SAHP%202]FIRE [LBRP%20pic%208] EMS [LBRP%20pic%207] and also 3 divisions FBI [LBRP%20FBI%20Pic%201][LBRP%20…


Malibu Roleplay | Legal & Illegal Jobs | Whitelisted COPS & EMS | Server Side Menu | | Long Beach Gaming Server Bazaar

Welcome to Malibu Roleplay I Hope You Find Your Place And Enjoy! Our Discord Our Website Our Teamspeak is: Our Server IP is: What we offer ? we offer 5 Departements: BCSO[Malibu%20pic%202] LSSD [Malibu%20pic] Highway Patrol [Malibu%20pic%203] FIRE[Malibu%20pic%2011] [Malibu%20pic%2010] EMS [Malibu%20pic%2012] [Malibu%20pic%2013] and also 2 divisions FBI [Malibu%20pic%204] Detective IN THE MAKING (NO IN GAME PICS YET) [Malibu%20Det] Civilian Picture…


Matt W


come check us out! we’re still developing the server but should be ready within a week or two In Development | Great Lakes Roleplay | ELS | EUP | Mass Recruitment |14+ | Realistic Roleplay | International Community | Revolutionizing | Duo Nations | Custom MDT | Pull Over A.I | Court System | Much More Coming! |


We are always looking to fill positions for our departments / agencies. If you like what you see then I encourage you to try us out!


Hi, @Alexander_Kilfoyle.

Maybe you would like to play with us. We are building server focus mostly on illegal racing, but most recently, the focus is shifting towards RP on police department.

I believe we have everything you could enjoy and we will always welcome anyone with experience like you might have.

Feel free to check our site below, there are server and PD tutorials and don’t hesitate to contact us in case of interest!

Good luck with finding what you’re looking for!


Hey there, i am Zak C. Owner/Founder of CDRPC,

We are a professional community dedicated to realistic and fun RP, we are a new community and we dont have many members, but anyone is always welcome!

Some of our features are:

Non ELS vehicles
Scripts and Assets
Fully Hosted by Zap Hosting Official Hosting Website for FiveM

Departments that we have:

Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriff’s Department
San Andreas Fire And Medical Team
San Andreas Communications Department
Civilian Operations
San Andreas Aviation CO.
San Andreas Bail Bonds.

All above departments are open, and Director spots are NOT filled (Excluding aviation)

Yet there is so much more, so come and join our discord:
and conduct an application, interview and training and then after all of that you can become a staff member.

Thanks alot for reading this post, If you do decide to join, We thank you so much and wish you enjoy your stay!.


  • Zak C.



There are enough #server-development:server-bazaar posts to find a server. One can also just use the server list in-game