Access denied for command sets?



Hi I’m wondering if anyone knows what the hell does this mean below?


I have been trying to figure out why the hell it keeps doing it? I have looked through all the scripts but cant spot anything out of the ordinary.

Any ideas or thoughts please?

Thanks in advance.


What resources are you running? A resource is trying to run the sets command.


That’s the thing I’m not 100per cent sure what script this is relating to? It could be the RP commands one. I’m not sure.


What resources are you running? Anything that changes what is displayed on the server joining screen on the FiveM client will use sets.


I got join transition installed if that is what u mean? sorry I’m new to this lol.



Provide the contents of your server.cfg file.



i have the same problem I use the last version of fiveM server and with basic resources. The only thing I have done is a homemade resource with some RegisterCommand, maybe there’s a link ^^. I also use vMenu.

I don’t worry about this error because everythings work. But if I can have 0 errors in the console :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I know its annoying I always like to see a error free console! lol So u think I should ignore it?


I just test without vMenu and there’s no more this error. After a little search I found the solution in the resource topic:

And the documentation to do this:


ah right cheers I will do that I thought I done that with vMenu but obviously not lol. Thank u for ur help dude.


You’re welcome :wink: