Access denied for command restart


So, I just transferred all my files from my computer to ZAP. Upon a bug happening with a server-side trainer I use, I tried typing in /restart [resource], but I was denied access. Is there any way I’d be able to do this now that the server is being hosted and not on my computer?


perhaps ask @zap-hosting they do have a ticket system and a live chat, perhaps ask them what the problem is as we do not control there servers.


yes, the best way is to use @Goldenclaw112
Send me your ticket ID after, I will have a look into your server then :slight_smile:


and for the people also using Zap-Hosting?

I am here and this is the error I get

No such command setgroup.


This also does not work.

Neither does this


Manually restarted my server… it works now. Boy do I ever feel like an idiot.