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Make yourself at home with Abstract Gaming

Who are we?
Abstract Gaming is a realistic roleplay community, with active/friendly staff. Our goal is to create the best roleplay where you have fun.

What does [AG] Offer?

  • Penal Code
  • Damage Script
  • 140+ Custom Vehicles!
  • Custom ELS Police/Fire/EMS Vehicle
  • Custom Trainer
  • Tow Script
  • Fuel Script
  • Proximity Chat
  • That’s only a couple things! There is a ton more to offer in-game!

Current Departments
Blaine County Sheriff Office: You may see these deputies lurking around Blaine County doing typical traffic enforcement, or responding to 911 calls. If they are not doing any of those, you can find them at any local 24/7 grabbing donuts, and coffee.

San Andreas Department of Parks and Recreation: You will possibly see Park Rangers patrolling various areas of Blaine County such as Grand Senora Desert, Raton Canyon, Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness area, and the Paleto State Forest. However, I do warn you. These Park Rangers don’t mess around when it comes to their parks! Be cautious!

San Andreas Fire Department: These fellas lay a super important role in San Andreas when there is a Fire, Officer Down, Motor Vehicle Accident, etc. They will be there to save your life! You can find them usually at Sandy Shore’s Fire Department playing on the Arcade Machine!

Communications: These Dispatchers are San Andreas Life-Line. They will Dispatch Officers, Firefighters, as-well EMS, as-well take 911 Calls. Without them, our Officers, Firefighters, EMS would be sleeping and twiddling their thumbs.

Some of our fleet vehicles;


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10 outa 10 best server to have a good time on!!! :slight_smile:


Clearly he or she told you to say that. It is extremely obvious. They found the image online, no surprise, threw a discord llink in and some text. done -cc


Totally is the case, some random guy told me to make a post on the Server Bazaar. [sarcasm] :slight_smile: @rslr


10-10 Best out of the Best i have been here for very little time i am Shawn.W come join AG Gaming and if you want to Join dispatch Message Shawn.W


Great server to be part of.


Thank you! Much appreciated :smiley:


Currently looking for Deputies, Firefighters, Communications, and more Civilians, Developers, etc! Come join us! We are a super friendly and laid back community, providing the best or RP and have a great time as-well!


Updated OP, with Pictures of the CAD we use!


I’m sorry, I have just seen so many kids that have gotten their friends to comment that.


No need to apologize! Its all good!


I have 2 quick questions- Server sided cars, do you have users timing out a lot? Or cars not downloading correctly so users have no idea when they trample someone because their vehicle is not downloaded, what is the size of the download? Second, Is there a age restriction? If so maybe we could make an exception?